Alfred Hitchcock and his Birds

Behind the camera, his pendulous lips exhaling bad breath and extraordinarily obscene jokes in a lugubrious Cockney accent, stood the corpulent figure of Alfred Hitchcock, acknowledged as cinema’s master of murder, mayhem and suspense. In front of the camera, poised, elegant, remote, and seemingly unattainable, reclined the exquisitely beautiful Tippi Hedren, his latest star, and … [Read the full story]

Harry Redknapp – struggles and success

Many episodes of Harry Redknapp’s life have found him in a precarious position, dangling by his fingertips with observers wondering how he could possibly escape. Somehow ‘Harry Houdini’ always has, and yesterday he did it again when the jury – some of whom had chuckled repeatedly at his comments – acquitted him of tax evasion. … [Read the full story]

Man fined for calling Andy Murray a ‘Useless Jock’

A mailman in England was fined and made to do community service after launching a graffiti campaign in which he labeled tennis star Andy Murray a “useless Jock”. The Scotsman reported that Darren Swain was convicted of daubing dozens of posters at a Royal Mail sorting office in Coventry with abusive comments, two of which … [Read the full story]