Obsessed mum is off her trolley

They were so ugly they were cute – but when everyone else consigned trolls to toy fad history, one obsessive mother carried on collecting… and collecting. Almost 30 years later, Michelle Kerrins has more than 3,000 of the sub-nosed, spiky-haired plastic creatures – which have now taken over her home. When husband Dean starts to … [Read the full story]

Clothes made from milk

A young fashion designer from the German city of Hanover is revolutionizing high fashion by designing clothes with a staple she can find in her fridge – milk. Anke Domaske, 28, has developed a fabric called QMilch made from high concentrations of the milk protein casein, — the first man-made fiber produced entirely without chemicals. … [Read the full story]

One Elle of a photo

Exceptional Elle Macpherson, who poses for this arty nude Playboy shoot in 1994, have been auctioned. The collection fetched around $4 dollars. The leggy model shows just why she was called The Body. She looks absolutely fantastic in these black and white photos. The snaps of Elle, now 47, was auctioned in the first week … [Read the full story]