On this day…in 1879

At Kambula, in northwest Zululand, a force of 2,000 British and Colonial troops under the command of British Colonel Henry Evelyn Wood defeats 20,000 Zulus under King Cetshwayo, turning the tide in the favor of the British in the Zulu War. In 1843, Britain succeeded the Boers as the rulers of Natal, which controlled Zululand, … [Read the full story]

Colonel Gaddafi’s not all that bad

“Colonel Gaddafi is a down to earth bloke, and he’s not a big head” People are having a go at Colonel Gaddafi,but in reality he is a down to earth guy who hasn’t got a big head at all.He’s been a Colonel for 40 odd years,the leader of his people & hasn’t even promoted himself … [Read the full story]