Russell Brand soaks up the rays in Australia

He’s in Australia on his I Am A Walrus stand-up comedy tour. And Russell Brand, 37, has wasted no time in taking advantage of the warm summer weather. The comedian spent the day outside watching Australia play South Africa at cricket in Perth last week. The star looked relaxed as he sat in a box … [Read the full story]

A Beatle, a Stone and a comedian walk into a bar

A Beatle, a Rolling Stone and a comedian walk into a bar… Yeah, stop us if you’ve heard  it before.                   That was the case when Paul McCartney, Ronnie Wood and Ricky Gervais were all spotted dining out at a posh London restaurant. All three took their … [Read the full story]

Russell Brand verbally attacks heckler

Russell Brand bombarded a heckler with furious insults at a stand-up gig in the US. The Brit funnyman lost his cool with a male audience member who repeatedly shouted out the name of his ex-wife Katy Perry at his show in New Jersey on Saturday. Sick of the interruptions, Russell asked for the house lights … [Read the full story]

Billy Connolly walks off stage because of heckling

He was recently hailed as the most influential comedian of all time. However, it appears Billy Connolly, 69, is not always at one with his audiences. It has emerged that the comedian…known as Big Yin…has ended his shows prematurely twice in just eight days as a result of heckling during his current tour. Connolly left … [Read the full story]

Eddie Murphy quits Oscars

Actor and comedian Eddie Murphy has resigned as host of the 2012 Oscar ceremony, due to be held in February. His decision comes a day after the resignation of producer Brett Ratner, a friend of Murphy, who used a derogatory term in public. Ratner used the word “fags” during a question and answer session on … [Read the full story]

How big is Hugh Laurie’s pianist?

After playing the title role in medical drama House, it’s weird to see Dr Hou…sorry, Hugh Laurie clean shaven and not limping. His debt album of covers, Let Them Talk, shows he’s an accomplished blues and jazz pianist with a deep singing voice well suited to the music. His hilarious self mocking song intros are … [Read the full story]

Russell Brand reckons group sex is like an Olympic sport

He may well have married Pop princess Katy Perry but his past has not always been so picture perfect. In fact his youth was marred with drug abuse and sexual deviancy and he has recently said that group sex was like an Olympic sport. The reformed lothario opened up about group sex and said: ‘There’s … [Read the full story]

The dumbest criminal ever

BUNGLING Amir Ali has put himself forward as a contender for Britain’s dumbest criminal of the year, after his attempt to burn down a pub turned into a comedy of errors. Hapless Ali, 28, was caught red-handed on CCTV trying to petrol bomb a pub but had to dodge two bricks he hurled at the … [Read the full story]