Dolly Parton flashes her tattooed tits

Dolly Parton flashed her tattooed breasts at Jennifer Saunders and Roseanne Barr in a restaurant. The Absolutely Fabulous star was sharing a meal with fellow comedienne Roseanne Barr recently when the country legend joined them during a discussion about body art. Dolly confessed she has several inkings on her chest…and she left Saunders and Barr … [Read the full story]

Ben Elton tries too hard to be Australian

Ben Elton did his first “live from Planet Earth” on channel 9 last night. He started out with his usual witty and very true perceptions of Australia’s politicians. And they were funny. But Ben, you tried too hard to be Australian, and unfortunately, a lot of your ‘bits’ (ooh-er) came across being ever so slightly … [Read the full story]