Student banks over $18,000 by eating

A student is munching his way through university after earning more than $18,000 in all-you-can-eat competitions, which goes straight on his fees. Eric Dahl, a computer engineering undergraduate from the University of Wisconsin, began competitive eating in 2011 after realising one night that he didn’t have to pay for a meal if he ate it … [Read the full story]

Have a ball at Serbia’s testicle cooking contest

The World Testicle Cooking Championship is back. This is the time of year for county fairs and harvest festivals, but there’s a festival in Serbia that stands out from the crowd. The World Testicle Cooking Championships, or BallsCup, is back for another year. The cook-off takes place on August 30-31 in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia and … [Read the full story]

The winner to the ‘Classic One-Liner’ quiz

Well, this little competition took a while to get going…but after a while, we were getting a lot of entries, so the competition was left open a little longer. First, we’ll give you the answers, and after, the winner and their result. 1. We’re gonna need a bigger boat. – JAWS 2. She places the … [Read the full story]

Oh no…Gozzy Rock 2012 is here

You know what I think about this dreadful competition, but it’s here upon us once again. Gozzy Rock 2012 state: “Calling on all original unsigned bands, come and be a part of history in the making! Gozzy Rock celebrates it’s 25th year in 2012 and it’s set to be a big one”. In reality, this … [Read the full story]

Soccer ‘must have’ knockout cup competition

Football Federation Australia must establish a national knockout cup competition sooner rather than later to unite “old soccer” with “new football”, Fox Sports football commentators said on Fox Sports FC. Speaking on the ‘State of the Game’, Mark Bosnich said the implementation of a cup competition should be a priority. “You can’t beat the romance … [Read the full story]