Man fined for calling Andy Murray a ‘Useless Jock’

A mailman in England was fined and made to do community service after launching a graffiti campaign in which he labeled tennis star Andy Murray a “useless Jock”. The Scotsman reported that Darren Swain was convicted of daubing dozens of posters at a Royal Mail sorting office in Coventry with abusive comments, two of which … [Read the full story]

Don’t answer your phone at the movies…especially in California

Every movie theatre seems to have one, and if you go to the movies, you know exactly who I’m talking about. It’s the person who takes calls during the movie. In California, a man complained about a woman making those calls, who then left the theatre with two men, one of whom returned and stabbed … [Read the full story]

Nazi thug convicted for bashing Britain’s most disgusting woman

A thug who gave a Nazi salute to war veterans has been convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, and she is none other than…Britains most disgusting Woman (see our article in World News ‘A truely disgusting woman’). Frank McCartney (no relation of Paul) has appeared in court accused of assaulting vile Wendy Lewis, aged 32. Mum-of-two, … [Read the full story]