Tommy Taylor’s SRU

How would Australian police have handled Lindsay Lohan this week? Maybe we are more used to using common sense and not jumping to conclusions. It reminds me of a story I was told many years ago. Rex Harrison was a very famous star and loved by his fans. However, unknown to them, he was a … [Read the full story]

Nicolas Cage arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse

Hollywood star Nicolas Cage was behind bars after being arrested for domestic abuse. The 47 year old was arrested when he reportedly dared cops to arrest him after arguing with his third wife Alice Kim. Police were said to have been alerted to the alleged bust up in the early hours by a taxi driver. … [Read the full story]

Ronnie Barkers son is left millions by his mum…but he’s still hiding from the cops

The fugitive son of comedy legend Ronnie Barker has been left $3.5 million in his mum’s will…despite being on the run over child porn allegations. Shamed Adam Barker, 43, has been in hiding since 2004 when he jumped police bail after being arrested over possession of 1,200 indecent images of children. Records just released can … [Read the full story]

Bulls shot in Spain

Cops shot and killed eighteen young bulls…after they escaped from a slaughterhouse near Seville in southern Spain.

Old couple shoot at cops after 160 clicks car chase

Two Bonnie and Clyde oldies in their 70’s shot at cops in a 160 kilometres per hour chase and were caught in Madrid with $450,000 on them. They are being questioned by police as to where the money came from. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure they didn’t win it on the pokies.

Hood surrendered on live TV after holding hostages for four days

A man who held nine hostages in his Georgia apartment for four days gave himself up after cops let him surrender on live TV. Jamie Hood, the man accused of killing a Georgia police officer, reportedly told cops that he was sorry for the shooting as he was being taken in to custody. “I regret … [Read the full story]

Looney man knife’s and kills three people

A crazed knifeman killed his stepfather, girlfriend and her mother in an 11 hour stabbing spree in America. New York cops launched a manhunt for Maksim Gelman after finding his first victim Aleksandr Kuznetsov, 54, lying dead in his Brooklyn home.

Dildo wielding woman attacks cops

When most women break out the dildos, it’s either party time or one of those sex toy parties. But police in Gurnee, Illinois say one woman wielded her dong in anger… and not just in a mean-spirited masturbation session. Joe’s Crab Shack, a local restaurant, called the cops to complain about a woman who had … [Read the full story]

Drug lord has a shrine to Justin Bieber

Stunned cops raided the home of one of the most feared drug lords in Brazil, and found a shrine to teen popstar Justin Bieber. This is not a critisism to the Brazilian police…but do you think that he might have had another vice as well as being a drug lord? Just asking the question…that’s all. … [Read the full story]

Bags playing Jingle bells for Xmas thieves

Cops are handing out thousands of small bells for fixing to purses in a jingle bell bid to curb Xmas bag thieves.

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