Don’t drop your knickers straight away if you want good sex

Keep  your knickers on if you want sex and love to last. A study found couples who delayed sex were happier. And their sex life was 15% better than those who’d had sex early. Twenty-two per cent said their marriage was more stable than others. Why? Staying out of the bedroom meant more time talking … [Read the full story]

Heterosexuals have more sex than gays or lesbians

Researchers claim that couples who stick to traditional gender roles in the home make love 20 times more per year. They found that on average couples have sex five times a month. But partnerships where the wife does all the household tasks reported having sex 1.6 times more per month on average than those where … [Read the full story]

Is arguing good for a healthy marriage?

A new survey is sure to confirm just what many a married couple have long suspected. Arguing once a week can be the secret to strong, happy unions – provided the arguing isn’t of the abusive variety. Conducted in India, the study of married couples found that 44 per cent of pairs believe that fighting … [Read the full story]

Separate rooms sounds like marital bliss

Bedtime should be a blissful part of any happy couple’s day — the point at which they close the door on the world, cosy up together in a welcome moment of intimacy, then drift off into a solid night’s sleep. That’s the idealistic notion of how it goes, at least. In reality, sleeping together is … [Read the full story]

Women are more sexually adventurous then men

Talking dirty and being sexually adventurous seem to come more naturally to women than men, new figures show. In the survey, conducted by K-Y’s Good in Bed, women were revealed to not only be more experimental in bed, but were far more likely to have talked dirty and shared fantasies with their partners than men. … [Read the full story]

Does hanging with other couples make you more in love?

Want your partner to really fall for you?A research says that you should start hanging out with other couples. People dating feel closer to each other when they spend time with others who are in love. Why? Single mates remind us of what we’re missing out on, while happy couples make us want what they’ve … [Read the full story]

Is your partner unfaithful?

Are you convinced your partner knows the relationship is monogamous? Think again. A survey of 434 young couples found 40% thought different things. One partner insisted they’d agreed to be faithful while the other denied ever having had the conversation. Lies, lies, lies. We all lie. Even if they’re little ones. And most of the … [Read the full story]

Have sex at least once a week

Want to know the single most effective way to improve your sex life? Have sex at least once a week. It sounds simple but millions of couples aren’t doing it. Go without sex for long periods and your natural testosterone level falls. Doing it once a week puts you back on track…and also reminds you … [Read the full story]

Married couples cheat when it’s cold

Apparently, the cold weather is driving more married couples to cheat, according to dating website Illicit Encounters, which claims membership is up. People don’t want to go out, so they spend more time on their computers. That must mean that almost every married couple in Northern Europe must be having an affair.