On this day…in 1957

Jerry Lee Lewis was not the only early rock-and-roller from a strict Christian background who struggled to reconcile his religious beliefs with the moral implications of the music he created. He may have been the only one to have one of his religious crises caught on tape, however—in between takes on one of his legendary … [Read the full story]

Tom Hanks is related to Abraham Lincoln

As a double Oscar winner, Tom Hanks is considered Hollywood royalty. But now it has been revealed that the Forrest Gump star is related to one of America’s greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln. The 56-year-old actor is third cousin, four times removed of the former president. Hank’s link to ‘Honest Abe’ comes through the President’s mother, … [Read the full story]

Jerry Lee Lewis marries again

Jerry Lee Lewis has tied the knot for the seventh time. The ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ singer married Judith Brown, the ex-wife of a cousin, at a quiet ceremony in Natchez, Mississippi. Brown, who is in her early sixties and Lewis have spent the past three weeks touring Mississippi and Louisiana. His new wife said … [Read the full story]

Harry’s into in-breeding, just like a proper Royal

As soon as I read that Prince Harry had a new love, Florence Brudenell-Bruce, is his distant cousin…and I thought…”That’s the one he’ll marry”. Well…I suppose the Royals have got to carry on the old family tradition of in-breeding. It keeps the IQ nice and low…apparently. Having said that, any red-blooded male wouldn’t be thinking … [Read the full story]

Let’s hope Natalie’s baby is better looking than Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney’s model cousin Natalie, 20, who flashed her boobs at Coleens 21st has revealed that she is pregnant. Let’s hope the poor kid doesn’t take after Wayne’s side of the family.