Cate Blanchett gets glam for AnOther magazine

Cate Blanchett is on the cover of this month’s AnOther Magazine, where she talks about her film career and how she’s done a lot of movies in the past that no one has ever seen! Here’s a snippet from inside the mag: Cate said: “I have this thing on film where I do die quite … [Read the full story]

Justin Beiber covers Eminem!

Seems Beiber fancys himself as a rapper! The ‘singer’ covered Eminem’s Lose Yourself at a concert in Detroit on Sunday.  Well, he tried to anyway. What do you think?  Does Beibs have a future in rap? Or is he, and always will be, a little prick?

The Smiths love Slow Moving Millie cover

Slow Moving Millie has revealed that members of The Smiths have been very positive about her cover of ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want’, which is the soundtrack to a TV ad campaign this Christmas. The singer – real name Amelia Warner – revealed that Morrissey has said her version is “delightful”, while … [Read the full story]