I thought Sledging was an Olympic sport?

India is the spiritual home of all cricketers. Every space in India, young boys and girls are playing the game. But how can Sri Lanka be seeing off the famous Aussies. We are the best in the world with the exception of a few South African batters. England invented the game but they are history. … [Read the full story]

Tommy Taylor’s SRU

This week, a young seventeen year old girl from Sri Lanka who worked as a nanny in Saudi Arabia was beheaded. She was executed because a baby (that she was looking after) died whilst being fed a milk bottle. Despite protests from many support groups and the government of Sri Lanka, the guilty verdict was … [Read the full story]

The Champions League

I am often asked why soccer is not more popular in Australia. Also why are there not more Ozzie players in the Champion League finals. It is easy to answer these questions. To Australians, sport means sportsmanship. If we have to learn to cheat and dive to play a sport, it would be the end … [Read the full story]

Buford Balony says ,Indians are CRAP at sports

“Kingdoms fall. Empires crumble. Regimes collapse,” rumbled The Times of India on its front-page report on the loss of India’s status as the world’s best Test team on Sunday. “But who would have thought that India’s reign would come to an end like this – so swiftly, so feebly, so abjectly?” Who indeed? Not presumably … [Read the full story]