On this day…in 1967

John McVitie, a British drug dealer and thief known as “Jack the Hat,” is stabbed to death in London by the Kray brothers, Britain’s most notorious criminals of the 1950s and 1960s. Ronald and Reginald Kray, identical twins, were eventually convicted of McVitie’s murder, putting an end to their lengthy underworld careers. The Kray brothers … [Read the full story]

Can you forgive a child killer?

Another week to stretch my patience. I complain about judges who give minor sentences…you know, those wise souls who let out sex offenders and dangerous criminals without any liability for their mistakes. Now I find it is not just wise men and judges in Australia…it’s spreading across the world to other countries.  In Canada, a … [Read the full story]

Tommy Taylors SRU (Sunday Round-Up)

It is with interest I note the change in name to one of Britain’s oldest icons. Big Ben will be renamed the, “The Elizabeth 2 Tower”. Of course the bell tower is not really named Big Ben, it is the actual bell that is so named. We can now expect the great bells of St. … [Read the full story]

On this day…in 1882

One of America’s most famous criminals, Jesse James, is shot to death by fellow gang member Bob Ford, who betrayed James for reward money. For 16 years, Jesse and his brother, Frank, committed robberies and murders throughout the Midwest. Detective magazines and pulp novels glamorized the James gang, turning them into mythical Robin Hoods who … [Read the full story]

Wino’s thought for the day

Let’s put the pensioners in jail and the criminals in a nursing home.   This way the pensioners would have access to showers, hobbies and walks.      They’d receive unlimited free prescriptions, dental and medical treatment, wheel chairs etc and they’d receive money instead of paying it out.      They would have constant video monitoring, so they … [Read the full story]

Could it happen here…in our country?

The UK is in meltdown with rioters and looters turning a civilised country into a hellhole. The rest of the world is watching on television as yobs destroy the reputation its taken years to achieve. Good sportsmanship, play up and play the game , the stiff upper lip. It’s all been seen by people from … [Read the full story]

Corellas are considered criminal by WA police

WA Police officers are planning to shoot hundreds of long-billed and little Corellas along the Swan River in Maylands. It is reported that the noisy birds, who quickly infiltrated the WA Police defence lines and followed with a massive population boom (much in the same way as a crack special forces unit), have completely over-run … [Read the full story]

What is society becoming…an eight year old rapist

A rape suspect aged eight and a 99 year old alleged car thief are among Europes youngest and oldest offenders. The eight year old suspected rapist was nabbed last year in Yorkshire while police also arrested kids aged 10 for the same offence. Baby faced yobs also include a seven year old accused of assault, … [Read the full story]

Above the Law?

By TOG Fires in Parliament Square, flames surround Big Ben, attacks on the Prince of Wales and  the  Duchess of Cornwall. This could be arson, or treason, a threat to the monarchy. No, its students, and as we all know they are above the law. They say its the fault of MPs, they give a … [Read the full story]

Sharia law taught at Islamic schools in the UK…pupils even taught how to chop a thieves hand off

Pupils at Islamic schools across Britain are being taught how to chop off a criminals hand and that Jews are conspiring to take over the world. Up to 5000 pupils aged between 6 and 18 are being taught Sharia law punishments using ‘weekend-school’ text-books which claim those who do not believe in Islam will be … [Read the full story]

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