Crocodile bites off more than it can shoe

It was croc versus Croc as this very snappy creature tried to gobble up a rubbery shoe. The reptile spent 30 minutes trying to eat the tough footwear before admitting defeat and spitting it out. The humorous scene was captured on camera by Phil Lanoue in the salt marshes of Huntington Beach State Park, South … [Read the full story]

Man fights croc with guitar in Darwin

A Darwin dad armed himself with his guitar to fend off a crocodile that walked into his family’s lounge room. The plump, smooth-scaled saltie was a suspected escapee from the nearby Darwin Crocodile Farm. The croc wandered into the Bees Creek Road home in the early hours of Saturday morning. Neighbours say 15 crocodiles suspected … [Read the full story]

Big croc lurks in Queenslands river – but Bufords seen bigger

A PASTOR says he has evidence that an eight-metre croc lurks in a river in Queensland. Pastor Elton Thompson said he took pictures of slide marks from the crocodile last Wednesday on the Norman River at Normanton. “I haven’t actually seen the crocodile but it was the slide marks that was left behind,” Pastor Thompson … [Read the full story]