Crocodiles can climb trees

Most people entering crocodile territory keep a wary eye out on water and land, but research suggests they need to look up. Though the reptiles lack obvious physical features to suggest this is possible, crocodiles in fact climb trees all the way to the crowns, according to University of Tennessee researcher Vladimir Dinets. Researchers in … [Read the full story]

Croc eats man, family find head in river

A crocodile devoured a man as he fished in an eastern Indonesian river but left his head floating in the water where it was discovered by his distraught family. Sam Sem Ledo, a father of 11, set off to go fishing for crabs in the Amabi river in Kupang district on Timor island. But the … [Read the full story]

Angler shares bedroom with 2 metre crocodile

A far north Queensland fisherman has spent the night with a two-metre saltwater crocodile in his bedroom. Ashley Sala caught the reptile at Ninds Creek while out barramundi fishing near Innisfail, south of Cairns. Fed up with the prevalence of crocs in the area, Mr Sala bundled the animal into his car boot and took … [Read the full story]

Naked man risked life for love of booze

A fisherman risked his life for…for his love of booze. He won two cases of bourbon for jumping on to a log racing down a flooded, crocodile-infested river…in the nude. The tiler, who didn’t want to be named, rode the makeshift raft for about three minutes before clambering back into a boat. “I’d enjoyed a … [Read the full story]

Lance Armstrong saves his confessions for Oprah

Lance Armstrong confessed to Oprah Winfrey in an interview that he used performance-enhancing drugs. The interview went on for two and a half hours. It’s also been reported that before his interview with Oprah, he went along to his Livestrong Cancer Foundation and tearfully apologised to the staff. His tears seemed to trigger tears from … [Read the full story]

When she opens her laptop, she’s opening her legs

More and more married women are having whirlwind romances. A recent survey says that a married woman’s dream, is of passionate, no-strings sex with a stranger. With the help of the internet, it’s easy to find a like-minded married man. Just wait until your (probably over-worked and over-nagged) husband is asleep, go into another room, … [Read the full story]

Croc attacks boat in the Territory

A 3.5m crocodile took bites out of a fisherman’s boat engine in a Sweetheart-type attack. The saltie made one big hole and six smaller holes in a 90-minute assault. Recreational fisherman Dean Bennett, 22, said: “It meant business.” The crocodile finally disappeared after being smacked over the head with a metal pole. Mr Bennett, his … [Read the full story]

Crocodile bites off more than it can shoe

It was croc versus Croc as this very snappy creature tried to gobble up a rubbery shoe. The reptile spent 30 minutes trying to eat the tough footwear before admitting defeat and spitting it out. The humorous scene was captured on camera by Phil Lanoue in the salt marshes of Huntington Beach State Park, South … [Read the full story]

Rihanna has crocodile tits

Rihanna shows off her cold-blooded side with crocodile skin painted on her boobs. Make-up artists plastered the reptilian additions across the singer’s naked chest and back for her latest video. The star is seen emerging from a murky swamp to plug her new single Where Have You Been. The steamy jungle-themed video also features Rihanna … [Read the full story]

Man fights croc with guitar in Darwin

A Darwin dad armed himself with his guitar to fend off a crocodile that walked into his family’s lounge room. The plump, smooth-scaled saltie was a suspected escapee from the nearby Darwin Crocodile Farm. The croc wandered into the Bees Creek Road home in the early hours of Saturday morning. Neighbours say 15 crocodiles suspected … [Read the full story]

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