Graham Norton makes Russell Brands’ mum cry

Angry Russell Brand accused Graham Norton of making his mum cry after the chat show host asked him about his divorce. In an angry rant (cut from the programme) Brand, 37, also told the presenter he had stabbed him in the back. Graham decided he had to bring up the split after interviewing, US singer … [Read the full story]

Do you have a ‘Thing’…?

My mailbox fills up every other day with messages from men who want to date me, or fuck me, or have me mother their children. In real life, I go months without getting laid. Right now, I’m over a month deep into the misery that is involuntary celibacy. It’s not because I don’t have options, … [Read the full story]

Oprah,Julia…take note, ‘happiness is a wife’

The redhead, Julia Gillard, leads the country but is not married. Oprah soon to visit us, also is not married. Not very good incentives to the rest of us to enjoy wedded bliss. The power and the money drive the few to achieve success,  but at what cost. Happiness is a wife. A mother who … [Read the full story]