She’s hot

If you like a girl who is hot and has some wicked tattoos…then look no further. This picture was sent in by Lucy (this is all the info we have) and she said…literally…and I quote, “If you like tattoos and chicks, you’ll like this photo”. Well Lucy…we do like the photo (which is why we’re … [Read the full story]

Women strip to please the dead

Dressed in miniskirts barely covering their hips, the two girls took to the neon-lit stage and moved vigorously to the loud pumping pop music. Their job: to appease the wandering spirits. As the temple facade in the background changed colour from the fireworks lighting up the Taiwanese night sky, the show climaxed with pole-dancing and … [Read the full story]

General Franco has a ‘home open’ at last

The late General Franco who’s summer palace in Sada has at last opened to the public after a long legal battle with his family. It will be the perfect opportunity to get into the psyche of Spain’s infamous dictator. After a two-year legal battle the family of General Francisco Franco have been ordered to open their … [Read the full story]