Parents let their kids rule the roost

In decades past, children were seen and not heard while parents made decisions based on what suited them – without consulting their offspring. But thanks to the increasingly child-centric culture, parents make all big family decisions based on the needs and wants of their children, new research has revealed. Nine out of 10 parents now … [Read the full story]

Jackie Chan’s Panda gets a close up of Yao’s tits

Jackie Chan went to work on two of his biggest stunts (that’s STUNTS) on Sunday. The 58-year-old stunt man and actor was tasked with saving Yao Xingtong and her modesty after the Chinese actress stepped out in a sheer dress and no bra. But Jackie rose to the challenge and gave Yao a stuffed bear … [Read the full story]

10 reasons to live in Melbourne, by the Yanks

10. Smelly shoes pass off as art Those teddy bears must know someone with big feet. Anything and everything is art  in Melbourne.  It has no boundaries.  Though when a collection of shoes passes as an art installation, questions have to be asked. 9. Shop Sui you can’t eat Shop Sui is a boutique store … [Read the full story]

Pauline Hanson could be Queen of radio on 6PR

Yesterday Pauline Hanson revealed that she was interested in talk-back radio. Steve Mills on 6PR 882 radio station asked the question when she was on his breakfast show and she was more than interested. Pauline Hanson mentioned that she had been to Perth before but was in no way a local. Steve Mills let her … [Read the full story]

Women need sex more than men

We live in a culture that doesn’t admit that women need sex every bit as much as men, if not more. Conservatives put women on a romantic pedestal. Women are virginal and sexless. Feminists deny women need men for anything. “Women are made to feel guilty for needing men,” my friend said. “We’re portrayed as … [Read the full story]

Operation Unite to tackle boozy Australia

Australia’s boozy culture is the reason for most street crime, the NSW Police Commissioner said. Police launched Operation Unite on Friday night as part of a nationwide crackdown on alcohol abuse and violence-only to encounter a horror weekend. Despite thousands of extra officers being deployed in known trouble spot on Friday and Saturday nights, a … [Read the full story]