Dear Woosy – Allergic to my boyfriends nuts

Dear Woosy, I have a regular root named Matt who likes to get a hotel room on the weekends so he can bang my brains out. He doesn’t even take me out for a meal first, the stingy bastard, but his cock stays so hard for so long I can’t really complain too much. Anyway last Saturday he ate a whole bag of pistachio … [Read the full story]

What’s the big deal swallowing your man’s semen?

Ladies, ladies, ladies… What is the big deal of swallowing your man’s semen when you are giving him a blowjob? I’m sure you try new foods from time to time and different drinks from time to time or new sweets or cookies from time to time. And swallowing your man’s cum is just another taste of something. … [Read the full story]

Where Do I Cum?

A guy asks his wife if he can cum in her ear, she says, “Hell no, I might go deaf.” He says, “But I cum in your mouth all the time and you never shut the fuck up.”

Loving loads of horses

Get your taste buds ready and wet  your lips to take a load of horse cum. This apparent health food is no longer for those sickos that love a little animal love, its may be going main stream. The owner of the  company Mr Kerslake  says, “Horses are pure testosterone you know. They have hardly … [Read the full story]