There’s a Cunting Cunt in the English Dictionary

Four different forms of the word ‘cunt’ have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, and they’re all spectacular. There were nine hundred new entries and subentries, all of which which are helpfully listed on the linguistic giant’s public website. They’re not all new and they’re definitely not all common, but the OED’s job isn’t to … [Read the full story]

Can Flavour Flav be arrested for being a total cunt?

Hip hop legend Flavor Flav has been arrested. The rapper was pulled over for a routine traffic violation at 10.57pm on Friday night by authorities in Las Vegas. As police were questioning Flav and running his name through the system, they discovered he had four warrants out for his arrest. Flav, real name William Jonathan … [Read the full story]

Coco Sumner releases her first album…it can’t be worse than anything her dad’s ever released

The children of famous musicians don’t always have it easy; for every Norah Jones there are a few dozen Julian Lennons. Coco Sumner is hoping to buck the trend. The daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler, she is painfully shy and self-effacing in person, but those qualities belie a fierce determination to make it on … [Read the full story]