Warney being sued by cyclist

Spin king Shane Warne is being sued over this month’s road-rage incident with a Melbourne cyclist. The bike rider involved in the altercation has been revealed as web designer Mathew Hollingsworth, 28. Mr Hollingsworth has engaged prominent lawyer George Defteros and is launching a civil claim in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court. The damage bill for … [Read the full story]

Shane Warne acted aggessively towards cyclist

The cyclist described by Shane Warne as “reckless” has hit back at the cricket legend, saying he was “dumbfounded at how overtly aggressive the driver had been”. Warne took to Twitter to give a detailed account of a road altercation with a cyclist, just days after calling for cyclists to pay registration and use the … [Read the full story]

Why is the Prime Minister losing our trust?

It seems the polls are predicting a very large swing against the government. Could it be a few strange decisions of late…carbon tax and boat people. Perhaps I could help out with a few ideas of my own. Instead of sending boat people to Malaysia and Thailand, we should approach people without a country of … [Read the full story]