At least Julia Gillard wore a hat to the Royal Wedding…unlike the British Prime Minister’s wife

Julia Gillard was at the wedding and shook hands with Royalty. I know she’s messing our beautiful country up, but she did us proud. The Royal Wedding invitations specifically asked all ladies to wear a hat…something that we’d all do, if we were invited to one’s Royal Wedding. But British Prime Minister David Cameron looked … [Read the full story]

Who cares if asylum seekers go on hunger strike

That’s right. Who cares if asylum seekers go on a hunger strike…do you? Do you, really? Well, I can quite honestly say that I couldn’t give a rats arse if they go on a hunger strike, or if they don’t. There are about 160 asylum seekers going on a hunger strike in Sydney because an … [Read the full story]

Julia Gillard is STILL a robot…for now

When Julia Gillard was in Brussels she showed a great deal of humility, by making fun at herself. At dinner, of the opening day of the Asia-Europe meeting, the Prime Minister warned the audience before she spoke. She jokingly said,”Perhaps I should start by saying that with my broad Australian accent, even the English speakers … [Read the full story]