Swinging sex club love Professor Stephen Hawking

He may spend his working days contemplating the deepest mysteries of the universe, despite having been robbed of almost all physical movement by the cruelties of motor neurone disease. But it seems the world-famous British physicist Stephen Hawking also has an interest in more earthier matters. Cambridge university today admitted the 70-year-old has visited a … [Read the full story]

Britney bans drugs and booze

Dancers working with Britney Spears are being made to sign a contract promising they will not drink or take drugs. The six page document has been drawn up so that the cleaned up singer, currently filming a video for her new single Till The World Ends, won’t be tempted one more time. It says Britney, … [Read the full story]

Britney Spears performs live…well, she doesn’t sing live, does she

She’s been out of the pop limelight playing the doting mother and living the homebody lifestyle for the past year. But you can’t keep a good pop star down for long, as Britney Spears recently proved. The singer took to the stage in Las Vegas last week for her first live performance since the end of … [Read the full story]

Bunnies are being hunted

Australian bunnies are being hunted by the Chinese, and we don’t mean the small, fluffy variety. The spotlight search is on for stylish, engaging and sophisticated women to audition in Sydney to become an iconic Playboy Bunny in Macau. Successful Aussie ambassadors will score a six-month employment contract in Playboy’s newest club atop the luxurious … [Read the full story]

Britney hounded ex-bodyguard for sex

BRITNEY SPEARS’ ex-bodyguard last night claimed he was summoned to her bedroom – to find her writhing naked on the bed and lewdly caressing herself. Fernando Flores said the bizarre encounter was one of the many times the fallen idol made his life hell by hounding him for sex. And the ex-cop insisted the clumsy … [Read the full story]