Women – more likely to make the 1st move online

In the new age of online dating, Facebook, Twitter and text, some would say the dating game has been made a whole lot easier, with a host of technology quite literally in the palm of your hand to help you connect with the man of your dreams.  Others, including the authors of just published book … [Read the full story]

Yes, there is a perfect man out there for you

Many of us look back on our dating past and wonder how on earth we could ever have considered romancing men so incompatible. But new research has found that this is perfectly normal, revealing that women’s tastes change as they get older and proving that there is indeed a ‘perfect man’ for every stage in … [Read the full story]

You find lots of over 50’s when internet dating

Being a dating buddy to my friend turned out to be one of my best acts of friendship.  A year after a divorce she didn’t want, or expect, she was convinced she was beyond her sell-by date. But I coaxed the 54-year-old mother of two into going online. We spent hours surfing dating websites together, … [Read the full story]

Drink beer…and you’ll have sex on a first date

Want to know if your date will have sex on the first date? There’s one way to find out – ask if they like beer. Interested in a long-term relationship? Find out if they would like to live on a boat or enjoy horror films. These are the surprisingly simple questions that can tell you … [Read the full story]

How to clinch a second date

If you’re a bit confused as to how to nail a second date, just heed the advice below…it’s a guarnteed success rate…of one form or another. 1. Fill the silences – You’re both fiddling with your serviettes, frantically searching for something…anything to say. Thise silences become unnerving, so have a few things up your sleeve … [Read the full story]

Do you have a ‘Thing’…?

My mailbox fills up every other day with messages from men who want to date me, or fuck me, or have me mother their children. In real life, I go months without getting laid. Right now, I’m over a month deep into the misery that is involuntary celibacy. It’s not because I don’t have options, … [Read the full story]

Old lady groped

A man aged 65 groped a woman of 69 on their first date after the pair met on a website, a court heard in North Wales.

Would you just Brook at Kelly in Playboy

Kelly Brook has appeared in Playboy and doesn’t she look wonderful. She’s been modelling lingerie for Ultimo and her own range for New Look. In her last film, Piranha 3D, she spent most of her time in a bikini. Kelly has been labelled a man-eater, especially as her heroine is Samantha Jones from Sex And … [Read the full story]