Hasselhoff’s daughters are shit at music

You’ve got to love the shameless nepotism in Hollywood…if daddy’s famous, why can’t the kids be? And so David Hasselhoff’s daughters have launched a singing career under the guise of Bella Vida, but whether they have the talent to match is questionable. Taylor Ann, 21, and Hayley, 18, showcased their new song Kiss Kiss Me … [Read the full story]

“Just one more thing”…Columbo leaves over $5m

Columbo star Peter Falk left more than $5 million in his will when he died last month, it’s been revealed. The bulk of his money went to his widow Shera, who he had been married to for 33 years. She was at his bedside in their Beverly Hills mansion when he died from Alzheimer’s disease. … [Read the full story]

‘Jordan Idol’ to be the next farcical reality TV show

Katie Price, aka Jordan, is launching, “Jordan Idol”. There’s to be a televised hunt for her successor. We have no more details as of yet, but my guess is, you’ll do well in the competition if you forget how to read and write, have your legs open for 22 hours a day, make your kids … [Read the full story]