Wearing red is guaranteed to pull chicks

Men wanting to catch the eye of women should dress in red, a colour that new research shows makes them more alluring to the opposite sex. Women in the United States, England, Germany and China said they found men pictured wearing red, or framed in red, more sexually attractive than in other colours, the research … [Read the full story]

Noel Gallagher tells David Beckham to write songs

Noel Gallagher has suggested that David Beckham should take up songwriting now that he has retired from football. The former England and Manchester United player confirmed that he will stop playing football at the end of this season having rejected a chance to continue playing with Paris St Germain into 2014. When asked what David … [Read the full story]

David Beckham will play for free for PSG

David Beckham has signed for Paris St Germain on a five-month deal. And the former England captain will play for free after donating his salary to a local children’s charity. Becks, 37, underwent a medical in France before wrapping up the latest move in his globetrotting career. He said: “One of the reasons I wanted … [Read the full story]

Beckham isn’t hanging his boots up yet

David Beckham doesn’t look set to be set to swapping soccer for the sofa anytime soon. The 37-year-old sportsman had reportedly been offered the chance to front his very own sports-based talk show, with US-based company Time Warner Cable said to be ‘desperate’ to secure him as their star attraction. And the Los Angeles Galaxy … [Read the full story]

St Peter is standing by the Pearly Gates…

St Peter is standing by the Pearly Gates when up walks Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. St Peter put one hand up and says, “Stop. I need proof of identity before you can go in.” “Fair enough,” says Mozart. “I’m Wolfgang and this is one of my tunes.” And he whistles a few bars of ‘Eine Kleine … [Read the full story]

Beckham gets a beer can thrown at him

David Beckham reacted furiously after being pelted by a beer can in his first  game back for LA Galaxy. He was targeted during Galaxy’s 2-2 draw with Toronto on Wednesday. Becks, who was met by a chorus of boos throughout, stopped the game, held up  the beer can and gestured angrily at the crowd as officials … [Read the full story]

Beckham struggles to keep his eyes from wandering

It must be hard to remain composed when the world is watching your every move. Especially when there are scantily-clad cheerleaders parading in front of you. David Beckham was spotted looking a little flushed as a bevy of beauties walked past him and his boys at the LA Lakers game against the Phoenix Suns. While … [Read the full story]

Beckham DOESN’T stuff socks down his pants

His huge underwear posters have been the subject of much discussion, and most of it isn’t about the pants. But David Beckham has finally set the record straight and revealed he has never resorted to stuffing his underwear to make his manhood appear bulkier. The 36-year-old soccer has posed in his pants for several adverts … [Read the full story]

Beckham leaves LA Galaxy with a happy ending

David Beckham got his Hollywood happy ending tonight by unleashing a scene-stealing performance to secure the MLS Cup for L.A Galaxy in his last game with the team. It’s also likely to be the former England captain’s last game in America, with a move to Europe and many suspect, Paris, on the cards. So it … [Read the full story]

Did Beckham make The Stone Roses reunion happen?

Former Manchester United midfielder and ex-England captain David Beckham played a key role in making The Stone Roses reunion happen, according to tabloid reports. Apparently, the footballer is a huge fan of The Stone Roses and apparently repeatedly attempted to persuade bassist Mani and frontman Ian Brown to make a reunion happen. An anonymous source said, … [Read the full story]

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