Players could earn shit-loads if Australia v New Zealand test goes ahead

The reason a hybrid game involving the Wallabies and Kangaroos has never eventuated is that neither John O’Neill nor David Gallop wants to run the risk of losing. Which is why a Sydney promoter has come up with the idea of merging the best Australian union and league talent into one side to play the … [Read the full story]

NRL has record breaking attendance records

A controversial start to the 2011 NRL season had seemingly little affect on crowd figures, with the league recording amazing numbers by the end of round one. No matter how hard some players try to damage the NRL’s brand, it seems nothing can keep the great game down for long. The extraordinary figures to come out … [Read the full story]

Let’s have a true national NRL

For a true national NRL, it would include teams in Perth and Adelaide, and would only be possible if a current club relocated, South Australian rugby league boss Ken Kennedy believes. Expansion talk is in the air ahead of the NRL’s new TV deal and Canterbury are on the ground in Adelaide this week to … [Read the full story]