Hasselhoff’s daughters are shit at music

You’ve got to love the shameless nepotism in Hollywood…if daddy’s famous, why can’t the kids be? And so David Hasselhoff’s daughters have launched a singing career under the guise of Bella Vida, but whether they have the talent to match is questionable. Taylor Ann, 21, and Hayley, 18, showcased their new song Kiss Kiss Me … [Read the full story]

The strange world of Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff claims his mystical powers have helped heal more than 1000 people. A claim which is clearly the result of yet another nose dive into a vat of Jack Daniels.

Jarryd Hayne rescues a young girl who was drowning

Parramatta NRL veterans Nathan Hindmarsh and Luke Burt have hailed star fullback Jarryd Hayne as a hero for his dramatic rescue of a drowning tourist on Wednesday. The brilliant fullback, who risked his own safety to save the young girl after she had been caught in a strong rip on Coogee Beach, does not believe … [Read the full story]

David Traffic-Hoff loves the freeway

David Hasselhoff waved at traffic from the overpass of a Los Angeles freeway. I don’t know if he was bored or mad. A local psychologist who was waved at by Hasselhoff reckoned that he might not be busy at the moment and is craving a bit of attention. Hasselhoff said that it was a way … [Read the full story]