Heidi Klum goes all out for Halloween

Her most intricate Halloween outfit yet? Heidi Klum goes all out as she’s wheeled in to annual party on an autopsy table. Her annual Halloween party is undoubtedly the most highly-anticipated of the spooky holiday, with celebrities going all out to try and outdo the host. But there was no chance of anyone upstaging Heidi … [Read the full story]

Woman goes out shopping and ends up in Hollywood movie

Stunned Marilyn Mantle popped into a shop in rural Wales, and left with a part in a Hollywood movie. A film producer signed her up for a thriller called ‘The Retreat’, starring Batman hunk, Cillian Murphy, and Mission Impossible II actress, Thandie Newton. The producer, on a break from filming near Gwynedd, told Marilyn that … [Read the full story]