Why are we in this predicament?

Do you, like me, often wonder why we are struggling to understand the reasons for higher prices? Also, the crashing of stocks and shares, the change in monetary rates? Because the Australian dollar is so strong against other currencies, which is good if you like to holiday outside Australia, but bad for our exports. Then … [Read the full story]

Business helping firm…help no more

A firm set up to help struggling businesses manage their debts in Sydney…has gone bust…owing $400,000. 

Rooney’s vice girl has 4-some with Manchester United team mate

The hooker who was famously paid by Wayne Rooney for a threesome has told how a Manchester United team mate out-scored him with a sordid foursome. Vice girl Helen Wood revealed the player’s shame just days after she became the centre of a controversial super-injunction banning the unmasking of another celeb punter…a big name married … [Read the full story]

Jacko’s almost cleared his debts

Michael Jackson has made over $300 million since his death. But the king of pop, who had debts of nearly $400 million when he died aged 50 in June 2009, still owes around $100 million despite the surge in profits from his music and memorabilia since his death. The figures are revealed in new legal … [Read the full story]

Skint Fergie keeps spending

A supposedly skint Sarah Ferguson has been snapped shopping at Hermés on the luxury Caribean island of St Barts…shortly before jetting to Verbier. In her defence, a spokesperson said she had reduced her debts from $8 million to $200,000. The spokesperson added, “But her problem is her generosity and the fact she thinks it’s normal … [Read the full story]