Let’s hope Oasis never reform…they’re shit

Noel Gallagher has dashed brother Liam’s hopes that Oasis could one day reform. Liam claimed the band was his “life” and he would rather be part of it than his new group Beady Eye. But Noel, 44, said he doesn’t want to reform the group he formed with his brother following split in August 2009. … [Read the full story]

Wayne Rooney interested in ex-oasis drumkit

Former Oasis drummer Tony McCarroll is auctioning off his old drumkit – and there’s possible interest from football star Wayne Rooney. McCarroll, who left the band in 1995 after appearing on their debut album ‘Definitely Maybe’, took Oasis to court in 1999 over lost profits, finally settling for $1,000,000 out of court. He has now … [Read the full story]