Charlie Sheen is to become a grand-father

The 47-year-old Anger Management star, Charlie Sheen, revealed that his 28-year-old daughter Cassandra Estevez and her husband were expecting their first child. ‘Me as a grandfather, Dave… I don’t know. It’s like the world’s going to crack in half,’ he joked. But Sheen quickly added: ‘It’s fabulous. It’s just not a title I’m ready to … [Read the full story]

Kirstie Alley attacks Charlie Sheen on Twitter

Cheers star Kirstie Alley has launched a scathing attack on Charlie Sheen telling him to get his act together. The 60-year-old actress slammed the Two And A Half Men star telling him, ‘you have two beautiful girls… PERHAPS for the sake of these children you can decide to QUIT hanging with PORN STARS & HOS’ … [Read the full story]

Plenty to Scream about Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell is 37 and looks amazing. Neve is reprising her role as Sidney Prescott in Scream 4. The first three Scream movies were excellent and successful and I don’t see why the fourth will be any different. Wes Craven is at the helm, and let’s face it, he knows how to do a good … [Read the full story]