Mental illness in women

Regardless of age, gender or race, mental disorders can affect anyone. There are millions who suffer from mental illness, but women are more likely to suffer from some particular mental illnesses. And figures in Australia show that women suffered double the amount of men from menatl illness last year. Biological factors do play a part … [Read the full story]

Dear Lily – I am feeling depressed

Dear Lily, I am feeling depressed just now as I really hate my job. I’ve been working there for over 2 years but I’ve never really enjoyed it, and my colleagues are all back-stabbing assholes. Recently, I’ve found myself calling in sick on a regular basis, taking solace in masturbating on the couch to Neighbours … [Read the full story]

Teenage depression is on the up

Almost a million Aussie teengers are suffering from depression. Twice as many girls as boys are depressed…with almost a third of teenage girls saying they are depressed all of the time. But to be fair, when young girls are growing up, and hormones are all over the place, they are going to say that they’re … [Read the full story]