Grinderman sound murderous

All of Grinderman are in Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, but this is different. The lyrics are more twisted and there’s more guitar playing. They are as formidable a live band as you’d expect from one of the world’s best performers. Major success has eluded Nick Cave for most of his 30 years in … [Read the full story]

Hannibal Peckter murders at least 15

A Killer Swan, nick-named Hannibal Peckter, has murdered al least 15 of his rivals who dared invade his pond in a sleepy UK village. The swan then escorts his wife and baby to view the bodies of his victims. His victims are often lured into a trap before being viciously attacked and left for dead. … [Read the full story]

Man is so good looking, he bursts into flames

Well, I don’t know about good looking, but it does seem rather trendy these days for men to burst into flames. There was a case of a man bursting into flames after being tasered in America. Not forgetting last year an Australian man burst into flames also, after being tasered. In Lancaster, Ohio a homeless … [Read the full story]