Tommy Taylor’s SRU

I don’t know how to report the news this week. The darkest time for all of us, especially parents…its cruel how the wickedness in some people can destroy the lives of so many. At Christmas time we enjoy the friendship and happiness of our families and there’s (or at least there should be) peace to … [Read the full story]

Would you fancy living in ‘Hitler Towers’?

The house where Hitler was born could be turned into luxury apartments. The building, in the town of Braunau, Austria, is the last place most people would choose to live. The site even attracts sick neo-Nazis paying homage to the man responsible for the Second World War and the death of six million Jews. The … [Read the full story]

James is a gormless looking Blunt with horse-teeth

By Wallace McTavish James Blunt averted World War 3 when he was a soldier. Not only has he got a set of teeth that a Melbourne Cup runner would be proud of, but he’s also a fucking idiot. Blunt was a cavalry officer during the Balkans conflict when he was ordered to destroy 2000 troops. … [Read the full story]