On this day…in 42BC

Marcus Junius Brutus, a leading conspirator in the assassination of Julius Caesar, commits suicide after his defeat at the second battle of Philippi. Two years before, Brutus had joined Gaius Cassius Longinus in the plot against the Roman dictator Julius Caesar, believing he was striking a blow for the restoration of the Roman Republic. However, … [Read the full story]

SBC becomes a big earner in Hollywood

The Dictator, aka Sacha Baron Cohen, has become one of the richest actors in Hollywood. The funnyman has earned over $40 million in the last year, thanks to box office successes with The Dictator and Les Miserables. He also banked a big pay cheque for providing the voice of lemur King Julien in Madagascar 3. … [Read the full story]

Hitler clothes shop upsets Jews

A men’s clothes store in India is being asked to change its name after the chosen ‘Hitler’ upset the local community. Proprietor Rajesh Shah claims he was unaware that the name may cause offence as it derives from a nickname given to his business partner’s grandfather. The ‘Hitler’-store has provoked outrage among residents and the … [Read the full story]

Meet Hitlers grandson

Philippe Loret and his six siblings were sitting around the dining room table chatting about everyday things when their father, Jean-Marie, broke the news. “Suddenly my father said, ‘Kids, I’ve got something to tell you. Your grandfather is Adolf Hitler’, ” explains Philippe. “There was stunned silence as no one knew what to say. We didn’t … [Read the full story]

Labor’s losing ground

I was considering why Labor is losing ground in the opinion polls. Julia Gillard consistently pushes ahead with policies to keep her small greens  and others happy. Mineral taxes are given so many different spins that we lose out on where the money is going to, how much it will be and what are the benefits. … [Read the full story]

Hundreds queue to gawp at Gaddafi’s body

It was the moment Libyans had been waiting 42 years for – so it was no surprise they wanted to believe it with their own eyes. Hundreds braved the stench of rotting flesh today to see their hated former dictator’s body, and know for sure he is never coming back. Bloodied, bullet-ridden and left lying … [Read the full story]

If only Adolf Hitler had gone to art-college…

Adolf Hitler, the greatest/worst dictator the world ever produced. Hitler, who killed more than 100 thousand Jews and thousands of Africans. Hitler persecuted Jews…but history is full of surprises, “Hitler was a Jew”. The recent research proves Adolf Hitler was a Jew and an African, His group of gene (type haplogroup E1b1b) was rare in Germany … [Read the full story]

Hitler’s hometown finally withdraw his honors

Adolf Hitler is now formally persona non grata in the town of his birth. The town council in the Austrian village of Braunau has unanimously decided to withdraw honorary citizenship from the community’s most infamous son, 78 years after the Nazi dictator was given the title. Hitler was actually born in the tiny village of … [Read the full story]

Libyan soccer stars abandon Colonel Gaddafi

Four of the national soccer team of Libya, and the coach of one of the countrys top club sides have abandoned Colonel Gaddafi and his regime, and defected to the ant-government rebels. The move is a bitter propaganda blow to the Libyan dictator, especially as the  coach is Adel bin Issa from Tripoli’s top club … [Read the full story]

General Franco has a ‘home open’ at last

The late General Franco who’s summer palace in Sada has at last opened to the public after a long legal battle with his family. It will be the perfect opportunity to get into the psyche of Spain’s infamous dictator. After a two-year legal battle the family of General Francisco Franco have been ordered to open their … [Read the full story]