Asteroid strike in Australia ‘changed face of earth’

A strike from a big asteroid more than 300 million years ago left a huge impact zone buried in Australia and changed the face of the earth, researchers said on Friday. “The dust and greenhouse gases released from the crater, the seismic shock and the initial fireball would have incinerated large parts of the earth,” … [Read the full story]

Melt proof choccy biccy’s – what a waste of money

Man has been on the moon, and made countless advances in medicine and now scientists have been issued a new challenge…the melt-proof choccie biscuit. Understanding what is happening to chocolate at a molecular levels is enabling overpaid scientists with fuck all else to do, to develop chocolate that does not melt in warm climates. This … [Read the full story]

Dogs dress up as dinosaurs

Jurassic Park has been un-officially turned into Jurassic Pooch following the release of some hilarious fancy dress outfits for dogs. Gone are the days when embarrassed pets had to turn up to a party and skip the dress code because there was nothing wear. Now they can fit right in by turning themselves into popular … [Read the full story]

Doesn’t matter how old you are…ALL suicide bombers are cunts, who should not be forgiven

A boy of 14 who took part in a suicide bomb mission that left 40 people dead has begged Allah for forgiveness in a TV interview from his hospital bed. Religion is so messed up…so over-rated. This little prick shouldn’t be asking Allah for forgiveness. People who are up to their necks in religion have … [Read the full story]