Dear Woosy – What dirty talk do girls like?

Dear Woosy, What are some dirty things I can whisper to my wife during sex to get her off? She’s real good at the nasty talk during sex, and I really like it. Problem is, I am not sure what to say to her. What do girls like to hear? It’s easy for girls, “fuck … [Read the full story]

Woman sniffs and chews urine-soaked nappies

If you’re struggling to break free from a coffee-fuelled caffeine boost in the morning, spare a thought for this young woman. Keyshia from Queens, New York, has become addicted to sniffing and chewing on urine-soaked diapers and says ‘the more pee the better’. The 22-year-old hoards dirty nappies from both friends and strangers and takes … [Read the full story]

College student poisons room-mate with bleach

A college student in Michigan, United States, put bleach in her roommate’s ice tea after an argument about dirty dishes. Kayla Ashlyn Bonkowski, 19, could face up to 15 years in prison after her clearly aggrieved co-inhabitor, Emily Joseph, 20, took the matter up with police. Fortunately, Ms Joseph is fine…nothing a trip to the … [Read the full story]

Hulk Hogan takes legal action over sex tape

Angry Hulk Hogan has called in lawyers to take grabs from his alleged sex tape off the internet. The moustachioed wrestler is taking legal action after still frames from the XXX clip leaked online. Black-and-white pics appear to show a naked Hulk getting down and dirty with a mystery woman. However, the website that published them……has … [Read the full story]

Look again…now, what do you see?

It’s not a lamp at all. It seems that we are all correct in having a dirty mind.

What’s the big deal swallowing your man’s semen?

Ladies, ladies, ladies… What is the big deal of swallowing your man’s semen when you are giving him a blowjob? I’m sure you try new foods from time to time and different drinks from time to time or new sweets or cookies from time to time. And swallowing your man’s cum is just another taste of something. … [Read the full story]