The truth behind Cannes Film Festival

Always the best film event of the year Cannes is again exciting and filled with the finest films of the year. The judges however, should be taken aside and guided into what makes a good film and also a good actor. Todays cinema seems to be far inferior to the halcyon days of the early … [Read the full story]

The film John Carter is terribly shit

John Carter is a terrible film with an incomprehensible story, ludicrous, mutton-headed characters and unspeakable dialogue, and already Disney have announced that it is likely to lose $250 million on it, so abject have been the first box office takings. From what I saw in my West London local, that figure may be an under-estimation, with … [Read the full story]

Mickey Mouse’s ‘Unknown Pleasure’ T-shirt

A representative from Disney has said: “As soon as we became aware there could be an issue, we pulled it from our shelves and our online store to review the situation further.” Peter Hook recently spoke to the press to say that he felt it was “quite a compliment” that Disney used Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ … [Read the full story]