Bad Manners…are just plain, old Bad

Where to begin……….? I was working up the Top End in the Territory and a friend got a ticket for me to watch Bad Manners in Perth at the Rosemount, which is a great little venue. There was a support band playing (I can’t remember their name) who were a ska band, and they had … [Read the full story]

Professor Green may collaborate with Slipknot

Professor Green has revealed that he is in talks with Slipknot man Sid Wilson for a forthcoming collaboration. The rapper, who released his second album ‘At Your Inconvenience’ last year, has revealed that the Iowa metallers’ DJ got in touch with him recently and said he was a big fan. Speaking about his future plans … [Read the full story]

Isabella Cruise proudly shows off her boyfriend

She made a rare appearance out to celebrate her little brother Connor’s birthday, but it was Isabella Cruise who became the centre of attention. Tom Cruise’s shy 19-year-old daughter had a very important man on her arm at Hyde in the Staples Centre – her new boyfriend. The infrequently seen teenager is dating a fellow … [Read the full story]