Doc Martin donates to save on-screen child

He plays a bad-tempered GP with an appalling bedside manner. However, in the case of Martin Clunes, it would seem that life does not imitate art. The actor has come to the aid of a baby boy who played his newborn son in the TV series Doc Martin, and who needs urgent funds for vital medical equipment. Six-month-old … [Read the full story]

Do you still watch television?

I was fortunate to receive a telephone call yesterday. It was a request for a TV survey over the phone. Yes, I know you will think it was a ploy to sell me some gadget or device to lose weight or buy gym equipment. But no !  I was asked my opinion on TV programmes. WHAT … [Read the full story]

The Old Git moans about…

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Technology in Australia leads the world in many ways especially medicine. It is time we increased our research into saving the planet and cutting toxic emissions. A cross country hover type monorail running on a single track and using solar energy would eliminate domestic routes of airliners. For every plane we stop … [Read the full story]