Advance Australia, or are we going backwards

About thirty years ago I enjoyed the free spirit of Australia. People spoke up and had their say. They did the right thing, they all pulled together and were not lazy. How far have we advanced today? A beautiful, pre-school, primary school close to where I live has lovely grounds and a sports field. Unfortunately … [Read the full story]

Woman pleads guilty to having sex with a dog

Disgusting Jennifer Louise Driscoll has pleaded guilty to bestiality after having sex with a dog. Judge Terry Martin at Brisbane District Court said that this woman’s acts were ‘repulsive and goes against the order of nature’. Defence lawyer said that Driscoll had been publicly shamed and had sex with the dog (believed to be a Pit … [Read the full story]

Man refuses to stop having sex with his dog

Residents were forced to call the police after allegedly witnessing one of their neighbours having sexual intercourse with a pit bull terrier. It was reported that Bernard Marsonek, from Tampa, Florida, ignored repeated requests to cease copulating with the canine in his back garden. When cops arrived Mr Marsonek was arrested for aggravated animal cruelty, … [Read the full story]

Man accused of having sex with family dog

A Florida man is in police custody after allegedly having sex with a dog that lived in his home. Joshua Werbicki, 22, was arrested last Friday at a Papa John’s restaurant where he worked, according to a police report. The dog, a German Shepard, was described as a “family pet” and belonged to Werbicki’s roommate. … [Read the full story]

Man passes out drunk, wakes up with no penis

And you thought losing your car keys was bad! Dominican man Geraldo Ramos told a local TV station that he passed out drunk and woke up with no penis. The 45-year-old from Santiago says he has no clue where his penis went, but neighbors said that Ramos was attacked by a dog when he was … [Read the full story]

Pet dog digs up stick of dynamite

A family dog has dug up what appears to be a stick of dynamite in the backyard of their property, at Haven, near Horsham in western Victoria. Tiffany Evans says her five-and-a-half month old pup brought the explosive to the back door, just as she was taking her son to school. Police told her it … [Read the full story]

‘7 dog years’ myth busted

The idea that there are seven “dog years” in each calendar year is a myth because the animals age differently depending on their breed and stage of life, according to scientists. Rather than simply multiplying their dog’s age in “human years” by seven, owners could come up with a much more accurate measure of its … [Read the full story]

Army vet sparks outrage by tattooing his dog

An army veteran has sparked outrage after tattooing his dog and publishing the results on his Facebook page. Ernesto Rodriguez tattooed his 5-month-old purebred American Pit Bull at his tattoo parlour last week. Mr Rodriguez inked the dog’s name, Duchess, and an emblem representing her bloodline on his pet’s stomach. He then posted an image … [Read the full story]

Lost blind dog found its way home in Alaska

A dog that is blind got lost in Alaska with winter temperatures far below freezing has been found and returned home. After walking 16 kilometres, eight-year-old Abby was found and returned to her owners. “It’s a miracle,” McKenzie Grapengeter said. The blind dogs name is Abbey, and it disappeared on December 13 and turned up … [Read the full story]

Hugh Heffner and Crystal Harris are back on

Despite everything she put him through, Hugh Hefner, 86, has become engaged AGAIN to 26-year-old Playboy bunny Crystal Harris. Harris ran off from the Playboy Mansion in June 2011…just five days before their big day, she then tried to pawn her engagement ring and fight the octogenarian for custody of their dog. It’s reported, ‘Harris … [Read the full story]

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