Will Turnbull pay attention to Indigenous issues?

Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has been in conversation with Indigenous Advisory Chairman, Warren Mundine. Turnbull has purportedly committed to working with Mundine on Indigenous issues. Warren Mundine was very angry and upset when he wasn’t consulted before calling a Royal Commission into the abuse in the Northern Territory detention centres, Mundine has been pushing the government … [Read the full story]

Ed Furlong pleads not guilty to battery charge

Troubled Terminator 2 star, Edward Furlong, pleaded not guilty in a Los Angeles court on this week after being charged with the battery for the third time in a matter of months. The actor will however remain behind bars until a $30,000 bail is posted. The actor’s lawyer asked for the sum to be reduced, … [Read the full story]

Men victims are guilty

Thousands of men who claim to be victims of domestic violence are actually wife beaters themselves, a new study has revealed. One in five husbands who called a helpline turned out to be the aggressor…not the victim. Many use minor injuries inflicted by partners defending themsleves to fight prosecution. A network of ‘safe houses’ for … [Read the full story]

‘Tarts who do anything’ on Facebook under investigation by cops

A Facebook group that are named, “tarts who do anything”, after boozy nights out, has been banned, as cops hunt its creator. About 2500 people joined the “Real Women” group that asked people to list women they’d slept with. Domestic violence worker Linda Lewis, said, “Perpetrators can justify their actions when women are spoken of … [Read the full story]

Leave the Dingo alone

The Azaria Chamberlain ‘Dingo’ case is trying to be re-opened by her dad, Michael Chamberlain. She died in 1980, and Dr. Michale Chamberlain wants to warn the world that Dingoes are predatory killers that will attack more children in the future. The fact is, that domestic dogs like the Rottweiler, Pit-Bull and Staffordshire Terrier, amongst … [Read the full story]

Drunk man drove off with wife on top of car

A man was arrested after his wife was seriously injured when he drove off with her on top of the car, Suffolk police, in the east of England said. Diamond Mircea, 29, of drove away with his wife on the hood of his car following a domestic dispute, police said. Mircea had an argument with … [Read the full story]