Snoop Dogg/Lion will educate children about weed

Snoop Dogg is going to coach children in American Football…he’s also going to educate them in marijuana. The rapper is planning to educate the eight and nine-year-olds under his care at the Orange County Junior All America Football League about his love of…marijuana. The hip-hop star…who’s now reinvented himself as reggae singer Snoop Lion…explained: “It’s … [Read the full story]

Isabella Cruise proudly shows off her boyfriend

She made a rare appearance out to celebrate her little brother Connor’s birthday, but it was Isabella Cruise who became the centre of attention. Tom Cruise’s shy 19-year-old daughter had a very important man on her arm at Hyde in the Staples Centre – her new boyfriend. The infrequently seen teenager is dating a fellow … [Read the full story]

BANNED – Ozzie Kabaddi team fail drug tests

The Australia national team has been disqualified from the Kabaddi “World Cup” in India after failing multiple drugs tests, throwing the tournament into chaos. The event, being held in the northern state of Punjab, has brought 14 teams together from across the world to play the popular and highly physical South Asian game, which mixes … [Read the full story]

The Danish HAVE to name their children from a government list

Did you know in Denmark, all Danish parents can only name their children from a pre-approved government list of 3000 names for boys and 4000 names for girls. In Denmark, a country that embraces rules with the same gusto that Italy defies them, choosing a first and last name for a child is a serious, … [Read the full story]

Son of former soccer star is Gullit-y for dealing cannibis

Son of Dutch and former Chelsea star Ruud Gullit has been given a two year house arrest. Quincy, 20, was arrested in Milan, Italy, for dealing cannabis. But we shouldn’t be too surprised…he’s from Holland…and we all know how much the Dutch love smoking the dope. by Milo Johnson

Dope smoking Dutch soldiers ignore orders to help Aussies

While investigating the history of Afghanistan, I discovered the problems other great powers had in trying to defeat these wild hill tribesmen. From Alexander the Great to Genghis Khan, and the military powers of the British Empire and the vast strength of mother Russia, and of course lately the USA. All of them defeated Afghans … [Read the full story]