Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

Went out 2pm to buy a packet of fags, some damn drunken idiot urinating against the  side wall of the shop, on the bloody high street on a Sunday afternoon!!, unusually for me I rather lost my temper and am ashamed to say the language I used whilst barking at him was rather ripe. Glad … [Read the full story]

On this day…in 1882

On this day, the gunslinger Franklin “Buckskin” Leslie shoots the Billy “The Kid” Claiborne dead in the streets of Tombstone, Arizona. The town of Tombstone is best known today as the site of the infamous shootout at the O.K. Corral. In the 1880s, however, Tombstone was home to many gunmen who never achieved the enduring … [Read the full story]

On this day…in 1869

Just after midnight on this day in 1869, Ellis County Sheriff Wild Bill Hickok and his deputy respond to a report that a local ruffian named Samuel Strawhun and several drunken buddies were tearing up John Bitter’s Beer Saloon in Hays City, Kansas. When Hickok arrived and ordered the men to stop, Strawhun turned to … [Read the full story]

Julia’s tough, but Harry needs locking up

I know I have expressed my opinion on Julia Gillard and her decisions on Asylum seekers and Carbon taxes. I disagree with her decisions but you have to admire her toughness.  When you compare her to Tony, it’s like steel and butter. His interviews are appalling and he lacks the nous to be a leading … [Read the full story]

Hangovers are awful…so why do we drink?

Unattractive, unpleasant with emptiness and a jackhammer all mixed into one. If it were a man, you certainly wouldn’t have anything more to do with him. And yet, waking up with a horrendous hangover happens time and time again, no matter how often you find yourself saying ‘never again’. So why do we do it!? … [Read the full story]

Cher Lloyd releases her first single but she has zero X-Factor

Cher Lloyd has revealed a new image for the release of her first single Swagger Jagger. Former X-Factor contestant was fuming after an unfinished version of her track leaked online. But she’s calmed down a bit now and said, “It was annoying that the demo of Swagger Jagger got leaked, but I can’t wait for … [Read the full story]

Come on boy…come on…and play a pre-season friendly

Former Australia international Joel Monaghan will brace himself for a barrage of abuse when he makes his first appearance for Warrington in Sunday’s pre-season friendly at Leigh. The 28 year old was forced to quit his home town NRL club Canberra Raiders after eight years as a result of a drunken incident at an end-of-season … [Read the full story]

Drunken mum’s 5 year old ‘Loves a drink’.

A DRUNKEN mum who plied her five-year-old son with drink has been jailed. Kylie Eastwood, 36, appeared at Latrobe Valley County Court this morning to be sentenced over the July 20, 2008 incident. Judge Margaret Rizkalla said she was not satisfied Eastwood’s sobriety over the past few years, with the exception of two relapses, constituted … [Read the full story]

Police overkill as drunk women brawl over male stripper

Police want to talk to the management of Nanaimo’s Cavallotti Lodge following a drunken melee that erupted at the East Wellington Road hall on Friday night, featuring more than 100 women and a male stripper. Nanaimo RCMP spokesman Const. Gary O’Brien said officers responded to a call of an assault at the hall around 10:50 … [Read the full story]

Girls who get drunk must have ‘nice knickers’

A police magazine is advising women planning a drunken night out to ensure they had waxed and were “wearing nice knickers” in case they collapsed. Britains Suffolk Police’s Safe! magazine carries a reminder for readers “intent on getting ratted”, alongside a picture of a scantily-clad woman on the floor with the caption “if you’ve got … [Read the full story]