Pete Doherty sings French with unknowns, Dandies

French band called Dandies have recorded an obscure duet with Pete Doherty. Doherty sings in French, apparently for the first time on record, on the band’s new single ‘L Comme Liaison’. Doherty doesn’t appear in the video. Dandies posted a photo of themselves with Doherty on their Facebook page on March 17 as a “souvenir” … [Read the full story]

Amy Winehouse is a proper banker

Amy Winehouse is quite literally laughing all the way to the bank. The singer battled repeated fits of giggles on stage in Rio De Janiero on Monday. The Rehab star is being paid $7 million for five gigs in Brazil, her first full live shows since 2008. And she had a whale of a time … [Read the full story]

Aretha Franklin cancels all her concerts

Soul Queen Aretha Franklin has cancelled all her concerts until May 2011 on doctors orders. The singer, who is now 68, has recently been in hospital with an illness. Although it isn’t known what sort of illness it is, she still reckons that she’ll complete her concerts next year. She has put some weight on … [Read the full story]