Sleepwalker snacks during the night

A sleepwalker has been forced to diet during the day because she stuffs her face at night. Lesley Cusack chomps on fry-ups, soup and fruit while in her altered state – and has even tried paint, soap powder and raw potatoes. The 55-year-old has sleep-related eating disorder, a rare condition that gives her no control … [Read the full story]

Wallabies David Pocock has eating disorder

Young Wallabies superstar David Pocock has revealed in a new autobiography that he has suffered from an eating disorder for much of the past decade. Pocock, who was one of the few Wallabies players to enhance his reputation at the recent Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, said he developed the problem when he was … [Read the full story]

Liz and Posh DO have eating disorders

A thirtysomething lawyer, Anne, comes home from her job in an office. Once or twice a week, she drops into Coles, where she buys two pizzas, biscuits, ice cream and more…a bulging bag of delights. She arrives at her empty flat, pulls the curtains, puts on the TV and spends the evening eating it all, … [Read the full story]