Woman to divorce husband for eating peas

A woman has filed for divorce just a week into her marriage after discovering her husband doesn’t eat peas with a fork. The woman in Kuwait is said to have been disgusted at the ‘shocking sight’ of her new husband using bread rather than cutlery. The incident was apparently so traumatising the unnamed newlywed decided … [Read the full story]

Student banks over $18,000 by eating

A student is munching his way through university after earning more than $18,000 in all-you-can-eat competitions, which goes straight on his fees. Eric Dahl, a computer engineering undergraduate from the University of Wisconsin, began competitive eating in 2011 after realising one night that he didn’t have to pay for a meal if he ate it … [Read the full story]

Swedish Cannibal eats his wife’s lips

A man from Sweden has been charged after eating his wife’s lips. The professor from Sweden attacked his wife to make sure she could never kiss another man. Swedish news reports that the man wanted to give his wife ‘a life sentence’ of pain. The “Swedish Cannibal” did this because he was jealous his wife … [Read the full story]

What’s the big deal swallowing your man’s semen?

Ladies, ladies, ladies… What is the big deal of swallowing your man’s semen when you are giving him a blowjob? I’m sure you try new foods from time to time and different drinks from time to time or new sweets or cookies from time to time. And swallowing your man’s cum is just another taste of something. … [Read the full story]

Police arrested 2 kids yesterday

Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks.   They charged one and let the other one off.

Top tips for dietless weight loss

Forget calorie-counting! The simple tricks that could help you lose weight WITHOUT going on a diet From the Dukan Diet to the Caveman Plan, weight-loss regimes instructing us what to eat and what to avoid are big business. A number of recent studies have revealed how making several small lifestyle changes could help you lose … [Read the full story]

How Girls Like To Eat Bananas


Man eats mattress

Drunk Arnold Layne, aged 50 who started eating a mattress in a police cell, was ordered to pay $50 compensation by police in South Carolina, in the USA.