Horse meat lasagne for sale on eBay

A practical joker has attempted to cash in on the UK horse meat scandal after listing a ‘limited edition’ Findus beef lasagne for sale on eBay. The innovative salesperson priced the frozen ready meal at £70, urging bidders on the online auction site ‘to act fast’ to secure the item which is ‘no longer on … [Read the full story]

Sex yourself up and reap the rewards

Any woman worth her salt knows she’s supposed to wear matching underwear — but the truth is that most of us are more Bridget Jones than Brigitte Bardot when it comes to lingerie. There is hope for us yet, though, since a recent poll suggests women are making more of an effort. One boutique has … [Read the full story]

Juventus fans receives bids for Amauri on eBay

A frustrated Juventus fan has received bids of up to 10 million euros ($12.3 million) for an eBay listing that advertised the services of Amauri. The Turin-based side have been unable to offload the unwanted forward, who arrived from Palermoin 2008 for €22.8 million but has fallen out of favour with manager Antonio Conte. Amauri, … [Read the full story]

Was John Travolta alive in 1860?

The Church of Scientology advocates the idea of past lives and, as an avid member, John Travolta may be interested to discover that a man is selling a photo taken in 1860 which he claims is of the Hollywood actor. The seller is asking for $50,000 for the ruby glass ambrotype photograph, which he says … [Read the full story]

Is Nicolas Cage really a vampire?

An online entrepreneur is selling a photo from 1870 on eBay which he says proves Nicolas Cage is a vampire. Jack Mord is asking for $1million for a photo of a man, believed to have lived in Tennessee around the time of the American Civil War, who has a resemblance to the Hollywood star. Mr … [Read the full story]

Dear Woosy – I’m tired of living within my means

Dear Woosy, I’m a stay at home mum tired of living within my means. All the other housewives drive nicer cars, have designer handbags, and spend their days shopping. I’m lucky if I can afford something from the sale rack at the charity shop. I can’t even take comfort in the fact that I’m a … [Read the full story]