Anecdotal thought of Jim Aborwhear

I was told today that I would have been happier as an Edwardian, you know, I really regret that people think that of me. Yes, the elegant clothes, slavish adherence to etiquette and rigid system of good manners appeal to me, not to mention the rigid imposition of hypocrisy meant that the upper class actually … [Read the full story]

Elvis had FBI badge to transport drugs and guns

STORIES THAT REALLY DID HAPPEN, RE-CALLED BY HARRY HARPER ELVIS PRESLEY AND PRESIDENT NIXON The White House, December 20, 1970 As 1970 nears its end, Elvis Presley is riddled with worries about assassinations, anti-war protests, a lack of respect for authority and the prevalence of drugs. His paranoia about the abuse of drugs by young … [Read the full story]